Pack 154 scouts had a great time
at Lincoln Heritage Council's
Webelos Resident Camp 2001
Pack 154 campers on Day 3.
Parents had fun too!

We had fun in the pool.

We learned water safety and how to rescue.

We learned about safety in archery ...

.....and safe handling of a BB gun.

Then we had fun shooting arrows and BBs!
We mixed omelets in a ziplock bag. 



........Cooked them.

And ate them!

We learned how to make a fire.

We performed a flag ceremony 
and flew the Pack 154 flag at camp.
We learned how to use topological maps.
We learned about dinosaurs.
We dug for bones.
We learned how to use knots to build structures.
We did human knots too!

We sang a song for final campfire show.